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Blazing Heart Jacket - Phase 1

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• Material: Cotton polyester fleece
• Inner breast pocket
• 2 lower seam pockets
• 2 front chest pockets
• Button Up

Care Guide

Standard care options for our Polyester/Fleece jackets are as follows:
• Turn jacket inside out before Hand / machine wash using only cold water. If machine washing, ensure a gentle cycle is selected.
• Use only very mild detergents (approved for polyester/fleece)
• Do not tumble dry
• To ensure maximum life of jacket we recommend hand washing and hang drying, if you can not resist drying in the dryer make sure to keep dryer at a very low temperature!
• Avoid mixing with other colors


Please contact with any questions and or issues and we will get back to you as soon as we can!!! Thank you for shopping with us!



*** PLEASE BE ADVISED!!!!! ***

*** This Is A Pre-Order Item ***

This PHASE #1 Jacket is set to arrive and shipped to the customer in LATE March to EARLY April of 2023


**Jacket update** : The slayer collection WILL CONTAIN Shoulder Straps, Snap buttons (Instead of regular buttons) and a quilted inner lining (instead of a fleece inner lining).  Identical to our new Golden Dragon Short Jackets and Winged Titan Jackets. 


    • Model 1 is 5.8 and wearing a size XL

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Joseph Delgado

    Was expecting it to not fit properly at all because I got 4XL but it fit right and felt good only issue was with the sleeves cuff tarring slightly but to be expected from continuous use at a packed convention

    No help at all

    I pre-ordered the rangoku jacket some time ago and when it final got “sent out”, I never got it. I don’t know if it got lost on the way or if there was a mix up but when I reached out to your support team, they pretty much told me “sorry that sucks”. Like what am I supposed to do with that? I’ve been trying to contact you guys for a week now. I reached out to the carrier and I was told to reach out to your support team again. I’m already tired of running around in circles. I would love to be able to get some actual help or some kind of results.