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Mecha Combat Hero: Mythic - Phase #1

⚠️ Attention: THIS IS A PHASE #1 PREORDER ITEM!! The Delivery Date For This Item Is Late March or Mid April of 2023.

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• Material: Polyester Cotton Blend
• Inner zipper breast pocket
• Removable zipper hoodie
• Secret lower back zipper pockets
• Shoulder Straps
• 10 Pockets total on entire jacket!
• Zipper
• Embroidered Hood Emblem
• Perfect for daily wear, game cosplay party, Role Play, Xmas Halloween party, theme party, portray, festival, casual etc.
• Suitable for spring, fall and winter

Care Guide

Standard care options for our nylon/polyester jackets are as follows:
• Hand / Machine wash using only cold water. If machine washing, ensure a gentle cycle is selected.
• Use only a mild detergent (approved for nylon/polyester)
• Tumble dry low.
• Do no iron, air dry only.
• To ensure maximum life of jacket we recommend hand washing and hang drying, if you can not resist drying in the dryer make sure to keep dryer at a very low temperature!


Please contact with any questions and or issues and we will get back to you as soon as we can!!! Thank you for shopping with us!


*** PLEASE BE ADVISED!!!!! ***

*** This Is A Pre-Order Item ***


This PHASE #1 Jacket is set to arrive and shipped to the customer in LATE March to EARLY April of 2023

Mecha Combat Hero: Mythic Volume 001 Edition

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